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The starting point : The Start’Home Dating

The Urbasee team participated in the START’HOME DATING event organized by Maisons de Qualité the 8th of June 2016 in Lyon. The Urbasee application  was introduced to individual home construction companies and it aroused a great interest. This meeting led to a partnership between Urbasee and the “Maison de Qualité” label,  guarantor of quality for individual home construction companies.

Maison de Qualité - Urbasee

Urbasee and the universe of individual house constructions

From his Urbasee account, the client or the salesman can upload a 3D model of a house into a dedicated workspace. Then he just needs to open the Urbasee application in order to visualize his house in 3D.  By choosing the augmented reality on site, he can visualize the house directly on the construction site. It is a whole new perspective in the real estate business : The sharing of information between the seller and the buyer is facilitated by the materialization of the project !

The main advantage is the visualization of the project on site in 3D before its construction. Our innovation enables our clients to increase their sales by accelerating the decision time.

If you wish to learn more about Urbasee, you can click here or you can download the application on Appstore or Google Play !