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Project your products in augmented reality and life-size directly at your customers' premises. 

Project your products in Augmented Reality from 49€.

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Accelerate and boost your sales

Equip your sales representatives and resellers with a 3D catalog and boost your B2C sales by improving the customer experience thanks to augmented reality. URBASEE allows you to publish your 3D models in a simple and intuitive way.

Generate Qualified Leads

Generate B2C Leads by distributing your product catalogs directly to the general public on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Efficiently manage your customer projects directly from the application.

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Modernize your tools

Digitize your sales supports for more agility. You can update and modify your catalogs at any time.


Take advantage of 3D

You already have a 3D database of your products? Put it on stage easily thanks to a multitude of import formats.

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Accelerate your sales cycle

Reassure your customers by allowing them to see their project at full size, as if it was already completed. Guaranteed effect!

Convert your prospects into customers with Augmented Reality

With URBASEE, help your clients to choose, by allowing them to visualize their project in their environment.

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An unforgettable shopping experience

Make your customers dream by projecting them directly into their projects. Show them several models, change the colors, adjust the position, move around to get the best point of view... Evolve in transparency and confidence with your client.

Thanks to full-scale visualization, the project becomes concrete, the customer is reassured and can decide with knowledge what he wants to achieve.

URBASEE Augmented Reality

A Hyper Realistic Projection

Work on customer reassurance thanks to the hyper-realistic projection of your 3D models in their environment.

Make an impression on your customers' minds with a spectacular experience and stand out from the competition with an innovative approach.

URBASEE Augmented Reality
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100% mobile and connection-free

URBASEE is an application designed to allow you to work in complete mobility and even without a WIFI or 4G connection.

By synchronizing your product catalogs before your appointments, you will be able to project your products in real size anywhere.


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I decided to use URBASEE with my students so that they can see in augmented reality their future practical realizations, their future building site before executing them. But also after having built them to be able to control them through the "ghost mode" function of URBASEE, which allows to superimpose the real with the virtual in order to bring out all the differences.

Prof. Bernard Durante LP "Le Sidobre" - PLP HC Génie Civil Construction and Realization of Works
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The application has helped me several times to reassure my customers when making their purchase decision. Augmented reality helped them to be able to project themselves in their future veranda and see the rendering of the colors and materials they had chosen.

Philippe KeyrmosanCarpenter, PK Menuiserie

Your products at your fingertips
A visualization out of the ordinary


Access ready-to-use 3D libraries


Import your own 3D models


Resize, configure, your products online


Capture and share projects with your Clients


Personalize your personal spaces


100% mobile, even without a connection

Test and measure results

Test the URBASEE application for FREE for 14 days and measure your results! Our team will train you for free.

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Augmented reality in customer appointments

Discover through our practical and concrete guide how to take advantage of the integration of Augmented Reality in your customer meetings.

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