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Mobile Augmented reality app

Since 2013, you maybe knew Urbasee as a sell solution based on augmented reality technology. Our app come back today in a redesigned version.

Stem from Artefacto 3D, VR and AR knowledges in real estate and design field, Urbasee will become an essential medium for your business. The new features we add will give you the opportunity to you and your customers to discuss about their projects. You also can discover all these features here.

This app has been thought like a direct link with your customer around their project. What’s better than seeing your own estate project on augmented reality and give it back to your home, sharing opinions with your close relations? Stop the 2D plan where customers can’t look to the future.

Save time and be more close to your customer’s expectation with Urbasee.

For any requests about Urbasee, contact-us.

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