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Project your catalogues, realizations, models in Augmented Reality on smartphone and tablet in full mobility.

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Put the future of your customers in front of their eyes!

See how, with URBASEE, you can allow your clients to visualize their projects in their environment, and help them make the right choices.

An innovative sales support tool
100% mobile

Accelerate and boost your sales

Equip your sales representatives and resellers with a 3D catalogue and boost your B2B sales thanks to augmented reality.
URBASEE allows you to publish your 3D models without specific developments.

Generate Qualified Leads

Generate B2C Leads by distributing your product catalogs directly on Google Play and Apple Appstore to the general public. Manage your customer projects efficiently directly from the application.

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Both on the ground to visualize the construction and in a sales situation with your customers: project what the house will look like.
URBASEE - DEV - Planning


Transform your paper plans into a true immersive augmented reality experience and make your customers dream about their future investment.
Equipment manufacturer

Indoor / Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer

Cooks, Stove-makers, Swimmers... Immerse your client in his project.
Interior Decorator 1 URBASEE


Dazzle your customers by showing them your 3D creations directly in augmented reality in the room concerned.

Compatibility with your 3D software

Modeling under Windows or Mac

Multi-format 3D import

URBASEE is compatible with a large number of 3D formats currently in use.

From Sketchup, Leonard, MetalCad, Klaes 3D, Orgadata, or other software, export your files in DAE, 3DS, OBJ, FBX, BLEND, IFC, KMZ, WRL, JLF, GLB, STL or PLY formats. 

Import them into the URBASEE workspace along with the associated textures.



Virtual Reality Visualization

Augmented reality visualization

Access to product sheets

Follow-up of customer files

Customizing templates

View management


Screen capture and photo sharing




Import your own 3D models



Personalization (your logo)

File sharing (jpg, png, pdf)

Book a Demo

Finally, show a 3D augmented reality projection of your catalogue that will really help your customers.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

This graphic shows you the main differences between these two technologies, how professionals use them and the professions for which they represent a high value-added adoption and use.


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