The augmented reality catalogue: an indispensable sales support tool

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The augmented reality catalogue: an indispensable sales support tool

The expanded catalogue is nowadays more and more in vogue. The idea, democratized by IKEA a few years ago, is now being deployed in many industries because it meets the challenges of experiential marketing and provides the possibility of virtually transporting products.


The augmented catalogue: definition

First of all, it is important to remember what augmented reality is.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows a virtual object to be displayed in a real environment through a device (smartphone, tablet, glasses). Originally, it was necessary to use a physical visual cue to place the element in 3D. Now, thanks to technologies such as ARKit , it is possible to scan the space in order to fix the 3D elements in a realistic and stable way.

The Augmented Reality Catalog is a smartphone and tablet application that displays products in Augmented Reality. Once sales reps are equipped with this type of tool, they will be able to make their product presentations in complete mobility. Whether it's verandas, windows or even furniture, it is possible to embark on very faithful 3D representations of products and display them at real size at the customer's premises.

A tailor-made tool for the salesman

From a logistical point of view, the augmented reality catalogue is highly efficient. Moving furniture, for example, is relatively complicated. This tool offers the possibility to try and buy bulky products without having to physically carry them with you. Moreover, the application allows you to personalize the product: colours, finishes, materials, etc.

This catalog can also include a system for sending overviews. Each product ordered is notified and the order form is sent remotely. For his part, the customer leaves with a photo capture of the final rendering with the product in augmented reality, previously obtained during the demonstration at home.

And of course, it is also possible to integrate a statistical tracking tool to know the number of sales, colors, materials most ordered according to regions. We can then drastically optimize the management of stocks and supplies.

augmented reality verandah catalogue

The catalogue is also extended for the customer

augmented reality catalog

Although it is primarily a sales support tool designed to equip sales representatives, it can also be used by customers. Indeed, the representative can create an account dedicated to his buyer's project. He can try the products again at home and show the final project to his friends and family.

The application can also make the catalogue freely available for download. This is the case, for example, with the Ikea Place application, which allows you to test and order furniture from the famous Swedish manufacturer directly from home.

Augmented reality is now coming of age with realistic rendering and real integration of 3D models into the environment. The augmented catalogue is therefore gradually becoming an essential sales generator. Several companies have already equipped their sales representatives to use it on a daily basis. The savings in time, customer projection and logistics are such that they can no longer do without it.