Update of our processing queue

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Update of our processing queue

In keeping with the development and continuous improvement of its application, theURBASEE team has just completed a major upgrade of the 3D model processing queue. On the agenda: a global update, but also specific to our favourite sectors. See the details below with before and after examples.

Common improvements
- Added naming rules to adjust the visual rendering of certain elements: glazing, metallic effect, plastic effect, lighting effect, two-way display, solid color, mask zones, ...
- Possibility to define the texture used for lighting and reflections
- Lighting is adjusted according to the type of 3D model
- OBJ, WRL, IFC format: Texture information is added if it is not available to improve compatibility with the color dropper feature
- WRL format: Texture information is no longer lost
- WRL, DXF format: Correction of the orientation of the 3D model

processing line industry 2 1 URBASEE

Carpentry sector

- Improvement of the optimization of 3D files at the level of the object hierarchy
- Improvement of the visual quality: addition of glazing effect on transparent elements, management of windows modelled in one direction only, adjustment of colours for an effect more in accordance with the real
- Modification of the sun orientation so that the 3D model is displayed as if it was facing south
- A shadow is now displayed on the real wall for verandas in order to improve the overlay effect between the real and the virtual
- The foundations of verandas are now managed so that the 3D file appears on the ground level
- Verandas and pergolas are now positioned on the real ground
- Cover 3D: Fixed an issue with the display of the ground shadow on some 3D models

processing queue update - URBASEE

Real estate sector

- Improved compatibility with 3D files from this industry. Buildings are now correctly managed by our solution
- Automatic color generation on 3D models without color information

article processing file immo 1 URBASEE

Industry Sector

- Optimization of 3D files from this sector of activity. Machine tools and industrial complexes are now correctly managed by our solution
- Improvement of visual quality: addition of glazing effect on transparent elements, addition of metallic effect on machine tools, automatic colorization of the 3D model if the 3D file has no color information.

Industrial processing thread 1 URBASEE

In order to provide the best possible customer experience, we are constantly improving our solution to meet the expectations of all our users. We are proud to present these new features due to the update of our processing queue. In this sense, many other changes are already in development and will be unveiled in the next few weeks. Do not hesitate to keep an eye on our networks!