How to reduce your appointments thanks to the increased catalogue

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How to reduce your appointments
thanks to the increased catalogue

expanded catalogue - URBASEE -

In this article, we will discuss the considerable added value that augmented reality can have on your product catalogues. Why, more than any other technology, it is going to play a major role in your business, especially in terms of your customers' decision-making times and the multiplication of appointments per customer.

Every company that markets a solution (hardware or digital) must have a "catalogue" in its sales arsenal. Apart from the name of your brand, your shop window, or your website, it is the essential tool that allows your customers to know your value proposition, your products of course but also your know-how. It is strategic and indispensable.

A catalogue of offers and products is a descriptive inventory of what a company usually offers its customers. It is a direct advertising medium that presents the characteristics of a product to the company's customers. It must therefore promote a range of products to the consumers it targets.

There are today 2 main variants that we all know, to highlight your products: the paper catalogue (sent or given by your sales representatives or directly available in your points of sale) and the digital catalogue (viewable from your website, in PDF or HTML format).

The catalogue and its historical use

The catalogue is a visual and descriptive support of your products which is most of the time visualized alone by the customer. Quietly, at home, he looks, compares and chooses. The relationship from one to the other is almost systematically passive (apart from the fact that your customer has to turn the pages or make clicks online 😊). It's a shame, though, that this document that you go to so much trouble to produce only ends with a leaf through it! Should we ask ourselves how to modernize it but above all how to optimize this tool so that it does more for your customers and indirectly for your turnover?

In our opinion, the answer is yes.

Modernization is often associated with the notion of technology, and this is precisely the path that must be considered for this commercial support.

Augmented Reality as a Commercial Technology Solution


Thanks to Augmented Reality, it is a new bridge that offers unprecedented commercial possibilities, but also a new experience for the customer that becomes within everyone 's reach today (Individuals as well as Professionals). Just think of the virtual catalogue offered by Swedish giant IKEA.

A reminder of what Augmented Reality is.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows a virtual object to be displayed in 3D in a real environment through a device (smartphone, tablet, glasses).

Augmented reality is becoming a formidable sales tool for professionals since it allows customers to visualize products and project them easily in an environment (at home, in store, in their garden...). But above all, it allows the customer to become the actor of his desires, who by handling the products at home, by placing them, by changing colors can immediately project himself with a visual rendering almost real.

Thisspeeds up decision-making considerably.

How can your Sales Representatives optimise their appointments and how can this have a strong impact on your turnover?

Imagine that your sales representatives who meet your prospects and visit your customers arrive at their appointments with a tool that, let's say it, will blow their minds...

Imagine that this tool not only allows you to meet the needs of your customers, but that you can set up options, colour or size adjustments in real time and even project them directly in their living room, in front of them. The "Wahou effect" factor, which is important to justify a purchase (in the psychology of the buyer), fulfils its role to the full in this case!

This tool is no more and no less than the augmented catalogue, capable of projecting in 3 dimensions, in environment and at real size any object of your commercial directory.

Thanks to the functionalities offered by Augmented Reality, appointments become more interactive, more innovative and above all much more efficient from a customer conversion point of view. Indeed, as your sales representatives identify the motivations and needs that will facilitate the sale, Augmented Reality will transpose all of this in front of your customer's eyes and act as an argument against most of the objections that the latter might raise. Add to this that the Augmented Reality catalogue will also act as an extremely convincing reassurance tool for your customers, an essential feeling to watch out for when it comes to investing in a veranda, a swimming pool or a new kitchen. What do you think will convince and reassure them more effectively: a 3D projection in situ or a paper plan printed from an email?

The Augmented Reality Catalog is a smartphone and tablet application that displays products in Augmented Reality. Once sales reps are equipped with this type of tool, they will be able to make their product presentations in complete mobility. Whether it's verandas, windows or even furniture, it is possible to embark on very faithful 3D representations of products and display them at real size at the customer's premises.

By using a mobile application such as URBASEE, the sales representative will avoid many round trips (travel, sending of brochures and email exchanges around customer needs) by being able to make all the necessary adjustments on the spot, in real time and at real size. You will save several hours and days to transform a prospect into a customer, a quote into a sale. And consequently, drastically reduce the duration and multiplicity of appointments.