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Minor update


URBASEE 4.6.2 available on APPSTORE and GOOGLE PLAY since March 17, 2021.

You will find below a list of the main new features that you can test and discover by downloading or updating your URBASEE application.

We remind you that URBASEE users benefit from free training. Reserve your time.

Main new features

Creating visualization code for a project

  • Make an URBASEE project available for visualization with a visualization code.

Connection with the application

  • Connection to the application with a project view code
  • Automatic connection to the application with a project code
  • Automatic connection to the application with a customer code

Virtual reality update

  • Aerial camera
  • Pedestrian camera (joystick movement)
  • Orbital camera improvement

Lead generation

  • Contact form by project
  • Contact form external to the solution

Geolocated AR

  • Allows you to place an object on a map (can be activated on request)

RA on table

  • Allows you to display a 3D model on a table to make presentations easily and regardless of the size of the project

Display animation and masking

  • Possibility to execute door opening animations without having to make animations on the 3D file
  • Simplified skinning feature to hide parts of a project
  • Intelligent resizing
  • Animation of a project presentation with dolly cameras possible

Improvement of the RAL palette

  • Be able to quickly configure the colors of a project

Setting up a project

  • Allows you to configure the max and min dimensions of a 3D model

AR image display

  • Allows you to display images as 3D models without having to do 3D computer graphics

Displaying videos

  • Ability to embed videos in a 3D model
  • Ability to display a video as a 3D model without having to do 3D computer graphics

Orientation of 3D models

  • Allows to change the orientation of a 3D model without having to change the 3D file (internal use)

Improvement of the treatment queue

  • Optimization of processing times and bug fixes (better IFC management, reduced processing time, ...).