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URBASEE 4.7.1 | Minor update


We have pushed the URBASEE 4.7.1 version. Available on APPSTORE and GOOGLE PLAY it is a minor update of the application.

You will find below a list of the main new features that you can test and discover by downloading or updating your URBASEE application.

Improvements and New Features

  • Display a safety zone
    Display a safety zone around the 3D project during the AR placement phases.
  • Preparing the application to open videos
    Prepare the application to open videos in POIs and documents.
  • Improvement of the skinning system for real estate
    Change of the skinning display for building type models
  • Displaying a water mark on a screenshot
    The Urbasee base makes it possible to display water marks on screenshots.
  • Adjustment of the display of consumer catalogues
    Hiding of certain elements that are not useful for consumer type catalogues.
  • Improved display of documents
    Makes the list of documents more readable