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URBASEE 4.7.3 | Minor update


We have pushed the URBASEE 4.7.3 version. Available on APPSTORE and GOOGLE PLAY it is a minor update of the application.

You will find below a list of the main new features that you can test and discover by downloading or updating your URBASEE application.

Improvements and New Features

  • Access to 3D visualisation without a project
    Open the AR or VR environment to start creating a product layout.

  • Floor Area Configurator
    Create a floor layout according to the constraints of the environment.


  • Loading a ground area
    Loading a previously created area

  • Implementation ofthe condensed catalogue
    Harmonisation of the furniture layout screen with the product catalogue while making its use more fluid

  • Reseller tracking
    Get statistics on user sub-accounts while improving their management.

  • Summary generation
    Improved lead generation to be able to generate summaries while tracking requests.

  • Management of images as 3D projects
    Updated the processing queue to manage materials as 3D files.

  • Material settings
    Configure materials in the workspace.