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URBASEE 4.7 | Major update


URBASEE 4.7 has arrived. Available on APPSTORE and GOOGLE PLAY, it is a major update of the application that brings many improvements in design, user experience and functionality.

You will find below a list of the main new features that you can test and discover by downloading or updating your URBASEE application.

Improvements and New Features

  • Improved AR stability
    The 3D model no longer floats when shaking. AR is much smoother.
  • Windows application available for PC
    Use all URBASEE features directly from your PC (except AR 😉 )
  • 3D Model Configurator
    Access point for 3D model editing in the application
    Capture Edition 3DModel 1 URBASEE
  • Pergola configurator
    Setting up a pergola so that it can be stretched and animated cleanly
  • Pergola resizing
    Pergola resizing functionality in RA and VR
  • Portal Configurator & Resizing
    Setting up a portal to be stretched cleanly
    Resizing functionality of a portal in AR and VR
  • Display of quotations
    Displaying the dimensions of a 3D model in AR and VR
    1632125116609 1 URBASEE
  • Augmented Reality with Occlusion (BETA)
    Enables advanced AR features on Android (3D masking from the real environment)
  • Orbital camera update
    Adjustment of the zoom speed of the orbital camera on small models. Moving in 3D is now possible on some models.
  • UpdatedAR help screens
    Added video tutorial on AR soil selection. Added help button to display help screens.
  • Adjustment of skins
    Allowing several skins to be opened at the same time and hiding skins that are not configured.