Step by Step:
Create your 3D digital catalogue

From login to the projection of your 3D products in Augmented Reality - we help you start using the application

Let's start by logging in

First of all, you will need to log in to your URBASEE management space to start configuring your catalog. 

Indeed, the 3D models of your products will have to be sent from the personal management area.

Then create your Categories

Your product catalogue is probably structured in several different categories, so you will have to do the same thing with the URBASEE application. 

You can create one or more Categories but also an unlimited number of sub-Categories if you wish.

Upload your 1st 3D model

Now that you have at least one Category created you will be able to send your first 3D models.

Each model must be well defined so that our processing queue applies the appropriate optimizations to the typology of your products.

Synchronize Furniture

URBASEE offers you a shared library of numerous pieces of furniture that will allow you to arrange some of your scenes to help your customers project themselves even more into the shopping experience.

So remember to collect all the furniture you are interested in beforehand.

Project your 1st 3D model in Augmented Reality

You guys ready? So now it's time for Wow: Augmented Reality. 

Discover the possibilities offered by the URBASEE application to position, edit, or arrange your products in the most real way possible.

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