Communications Agencies

Showcase your POS with immersive marketing at your clients’
premises with augmented reality!


Full/comprehensive features
to put in situation your
communication media

Virtual reality

Stands, flags, totems, kakemonos, displays and other POS or signage products. Offer a dynamic and accessible catalog thanks to your Urbasee application.

Real-Size Augmented Reality

Life-size augmented reality allows you to project your POS into your future environment: at an endcap, at the entrance of a store or in an exhibition hall. Give your customers the opportunity to check the location, design and size of their future product.

Client management

Simply share your 3D models with your clients! Give access to the 3D models of your products and communication media in virtual and augmented realities, share their features and product sheets.

Why choose Urbasee?

Interactive and intuitive application

Available everywhere and offline

Augmented reality

3D modeling of your projects or products

An integrated client database

Complete autonomy

Unlimited nomber of projects

Share your projects with other users

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