Who we are

Behind the Urbasee brand is Artefacto, founded in 1998 by Valérie Cottereau, DPLG architect in Rennes. Artefacto is a team of engineers, developers, researchers, graphic and UX designers, project managers ... who work on a daily basis to create augmented reality solutions for the future.

Since 2013, Artefacto has invested heavily in R & D to support the transformation of its business model. While the mission of the company was until now based on the realization of customized services, its scaling up is now based on the commercialization in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode of Urbasee, software totally disruptive compared to existing solutions.

Even if it may seem paradoxical, Artefacto, a technology company for 20 years, is thus operating its own digital transformation thanks to this revolutionary tool.

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