Custom Home Builders

Help your clients project and speed up their decision making time
thanks to augmented reality and virtual reality


Useful features
for Custom Home Builders

Virtual Reality

Visualize your 3D project in its smallest details. Apprehend your project in all it aspects and present it to your clients.

Real-size Augmented Reality

On-site augmented reality is an ideal tool for validating your project, verifying the location, view or orientation. Make your clients visit the inside of the house, showcase the decoration and validate the volume of the rooms.

Small Size Augmented Reality

Present your project in small size in your agency or your sales unit. With the small size augmented reality mode, your clients can have a first glimpse of your project.

Manage your clients

Share your project in virtual and augmented reality with your clients. This way, they can view it as many times as they want.

Availability of documents

Communicate more easily with your clients and give them access to the project monitoring documents: meeting minutes, balance sheet of the professional bodies, follow-up documents, plans, photos, administrative documents, etc.

Contact Management

Help your potential clients contact you thanks to the “Request for information” buttons by email or telephone.

Why choose Urbasee?

Interactive and intuitive application

Available everywhere and offline

Augmented reality

3D modeling of your projects or products

An integrated client database

Complete autonomy

Unlimited number of projects

Share your projects with other users

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