for training

Tangible benefits

Improve learner engagement

Use an innovative tool in practical work

Visualize your study projects

Self-evaluate your constructions

Revitalize your professional sector

Augmented reality in the service of everyone

Urbasee is already adopted by many professional learning courses in continuing education or initial training. Autonomy, active learning and gamification are some of the strengths at the service of pedagogy at all levels.

Interaction - Understanding - Difference

The profession discovery solution

Urbasee proves to be particularly useful in the construction sectors (construction, wood ...). Learners can not only work on prototypes and conceptualize their projects, but also self-evaluate their constructions using the transparency tool.

Réalité augmentée éducation et formation

Enrich - Visualize

The technological mastery of the new tools, such as Urbasee makes it easy to place oneself in the context of their future job. Create an account is free and allows everyone to manage a project with ease.

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