Training centers

Augmented reality at within reach, to train, demonstrate, validate compliance and evaluate.

Education projects in Urbasee application for smartphone

Full features
accessible for
the academic staff and students

Virtual Reality

Use virtual reality to present the final project and the expected result to your students.

Real-Size Augmented Reality

Use the augmented reality mode and overlay the virtual to the real to verify and evaluate the work done by the students.  They will also be able to evaluate themselves all along the project.

Student management

Share your projects and your 3D models with your students. As the application can be accessed in complete mobility, they can use it anywhere and at all times to see their work or compare it to the real environment.

3D Modelings Management

With complete autonomy, the teacher can import the 3D models into the application and share them with the students.

Why choose Urbasee?

Interactive and intuitive application

Available everywhere and offline

Augmented Reality

3D modeling of your projects or products

An integrated client database

Complete autonomy

Unlimited number of projects

Share your projects with other users

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