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1. How do I create my account?

In order to create an URBASEE account, click on the « Log in » button in the menu above. Then, fill in the field linked to the “Create your account” section at the bottom of the page. Once your account is created, you will have access to your workplace in which you will be able to manage the content of your application.

What should I do if I don’t receive my login ID in my private email account?

It is possible that your email has strict spam settings and that our email has been classified as spam. Check your junk/spam folder and add the “urbasee.com” domain to your email whitelist. If you need help doing this, ask your network administrator to assist you.




What type of 3D files can I upload to the Urbasee workspace?

Files in KMZ, DAE, 3DS, OBJ, FBX, ZIP and TAR format are authorized. For DAE and 3DS formats, remember to upload the associated textures. In order to do that, compress the file with its textures in a ZIP file and upload it to your URBASEE workspace.

What is the maximum file size allowed for a 3D file?

The maximum file size authorized is 300 000 polygons. Furthermore, your file has to be processed in order to be compatible with a mobile application which does not have the hardware power of a 3D compatible computer.

My 3D file has a size less than 50 Mo but the upload is declined/the processing time is greater than one hour. What should I do?

The URBASEE platform processes your 3D file in order to make it compatible with a mobile application. The processing time depends on the complexity of your model. Please keep in mind that your 3D file has to be compatible with a mobile device (smartphone/tablet) and that this type of platform does not have the hardware power of 3D compatible computer. You must adapt your model for real-time 3D (Check the question below for optimization tips).

How do I make the rendering of my KMZ file optimal for mobile devices? What optimizations should I carry out?

In order to ensure the proper loading of your project and for getting the best fluidity when you will visualize it, please make sure to meet the following specifications:

  • 1 000 000 triangles
  • 200 000 000 pixels
  • 1 000 textures
  • 20 000 materials

What type of faces should I use to model my building?

You must use exclusively triangles and/or quadrilaterals, then ensure that all the summits of your modelling are connected.

The overviews of my 3D model are improper, the screenshots are unreadable…

Make sure you have uploaded textured models and not models with simple colors.

How to use Sketchup for 3D modelling?

If you are using Sketch Up for your 3D templates, we recommend that you export your project in COLLADA (DAE) format or KMZ before uploading it to URBASEE. We also advise you to comply to the export options illustrated below:


The DAE file can be directly uploaded to the URBASEE platform. See that you don’t forget the associated textures.





I can’t see the 3D image on my screen even if I am targeting the marker.

The URBASEE For You application is based on the principle of “marker”. First of all, you must download the marker on your workspace and then print it. Once you launch the application, target the marker with your smartphone or tablet camera and then you will see the overlay of your 3D file with the image of the camera.

My project does not appear in the list of projects in the URBASEE mobile application.

If you want your project to appear in your list, you must load and submit the 3D model in your workspace.

Does the URBASEE application require internet access?

Yes. The application needs to be connected to the URBASEE servers in order to download your 3D data on your smartphone or tablet.

However, there is a « cache » mode which allows you to download the data on your mobile device if you are in a place where the network coverage is poor. Before you go there, just make sure to visualize your project on your device. The application will let you use cache data if you don’t have network connection.

What is « Caching »?

Caching is an icon available on every model uploaded to your application from your workspace.


Icône de mise en cache

When you want to use your application in a place where there is no network connection, it is important to check the « caching » box.

If you still didn’t find the answer you look for, contact our support directly.