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The application for visualizing your 3D models
in augmented reality

3D Models of your projects

Virtual reality

Simply import your 3D model files and access your projects from your Urbasee app. Handle your 3D model freely and study it from every angle!

Visualize your products in 3D

Augmented reality

Bring your project to life with Urbasee! Visualize your model in its future environment and in real-size. Make your clients’ lives easier by helping them project themselves. Save them time!

manufacturers: stairs and veranda in smartphone

Import your projects

A solution allowing full autonomy

With Urbasee you can manage all your projects by yourself, in total autonomy. Upload your 3D models to your back office in just a few clicks. You can simply switch from the virtual to the augmented reality mode in your application.

A single access for managing your projects and clients.

Try your first project for free!

Try Urbasee for free! Download the application, import your 3D model and take full advantage of the virtual reality and augmented reality features!


BIM data integration

Urbasee is part of the construction industry digital transition plan.

Urbasee can be used in the framework of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) by overlaying your digital 3D mockups to the real world.

Simply monitor the status of your project and the compliance of the construction site thanks to augmented reality.
For more information and a detailed study of your project, do not hesitate to contact us.