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Tangible benefits

Stand out from the first meeting

Help your clients project themselves

Reduce your amount of client appointments

Increase your sales

Make your brand go viral

Our expertise
in joinery

URBASEE is for professionals in the aluminum joinery (verandas, pergolas, windows, doors, gates, extensions ...). The app for 3D models visualization in augmented reality at scale 1 becomes a powerful sales tool to support sales force on a daily basis.

The app allows joinery specialists to showcase their products. It offers a real added value to the sales force by helping their clients to project themselves and give a better idea of the space. Scalable, it follows the diversity of services and adapts to the specificity of the joinery sector.


Augmented reality at real size

Augmented reality at real size allows you to project your product (porch, pergola, portal or window ...) in its future environment. Your distributors will be able to guide their clients to choose the right model, design or size of the product. A 3D furniture library is also available directly in the app and can be completed by your objects.

The augmented reality performance will help you to bring your projects to life: a major asset to convince a future buyer.

An efficient workspace

From a computer, customize your space, import your 3D models and create your project and client lists.

Thanks to your application on smartphone and tablet, you will be able to access all your projects at any time and with complete mobility

Products modelling and clients management

From your workspace, fully integrate your 3D models and share them with your distributors and clients! Give them access to the product sheets, characteristics, and the settings of your products.

Format compatibility

Urbasee is compatible with most 3D format editors (Klaes, Orgadata, Metalcad or Cover). This integration allows us to always be closer to the needs of our clients.

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