Project, Reassure
and accelerate your sales!

Thanks to your 3D augmented reality product catalogue, make them dream from the first appointment by projecting them in their project and accelerate your sales process.

Project your products in Augmented Reality from 49€.

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An innovative sales support tool
100% mobile

Accelerate and boost your sales

Equip your sales representatives and resellers with a 3D catalogue and boost your B2B sales thanks to augmented reality.
URBASEE allows you to publish your 3D models without specific developments.

Generate Qualified Leads

Generate B2C Leads by distributing your product catalogs directly on Google Play and Apple Appstore to the general public. Efficiently manage your customer projects directly from the application.

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Stand out from the 1st appointment

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Help your customers to project themselves

URBASEE time management

Reduce your number of customer appointments

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Increase your sales

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Create virality around your brand

Your showroom directly
at your customers' premises!

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Help your customers to project themselves into their future project

By bringing their projects to life, you allow your clients to easily project themselves into their future development.

Make a lasting impression with a memorable experience and stand out from the competition with an innovative sales approach.

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Optimize your appointments and share with your customers

With Augmented Reality, real-size visualization of your customers' projects at home reduces the number of appointments, reassures and speeds up decision making.

Keep your prospects in the dynamics of your sales efforts, share the variants of their project with them so that they continue to project themselves as a family.

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Your Augmented Reality Catalogue in your pocket

URBASEE is a professional application designed tomanage your customers in full mobility, compatible with many modeling software for carpentry. 

In a few seconds, manage your current business and present the products or models adapted to your customers. Show them the live rendering.

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Generate qualified leads from your sales representatives and resellers

Thanks to our " by URBASEE" offer, you can promote your own brand on Google Play and Apple Store to the general public.

Capture qualified prospects that your sales force will only have to convert.

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Promote your brand to the general public

Your application, accessible directly on the Android Store and Apple Store, will allow you to promote your brand to the general public thanks to the expanded catalogue.

Make yourself visible and create envy and direct contact with the contact forms integrated in the application.

Equip your salespeople with a 3D catalogue in augmented reality and boost your sales

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Your clients have a hard time projecting themselves

Your customers find it difficult to project themselves on the plans and 3D images from your modeling software.

Today they want to visualize the rendering of their project at home to strengthen their decision.

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Reworking plans or specifications ...

Reworking plans or specifications takes time and slows down the sales process.

Even when sending your plans by email, decision making remains a risk that the pdf solves with difficulty.

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Accelerate your sales cycle

Multiplying the number of appointments to validate an estimate is time-consuming and limits the time you could spend on winning new customers.

Concrete results

The application has enabled us to halve the number of appointments. It has also contributed to a 10% increase in sales of verandas and pergolas.

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Guillaume Tomat Alex Alu

Alex Alu and the results on his activity

By using URBASEE to build his product catalogue in augmented reality, the client visualizes his project directly at home and thus becomes aware of the proportions and the rendering on the facade of his house.

10% 2X
More turnover.
More additional leads generated

PK Carpentry, facing a reinsurance difficulty.

Mr. Keyrmosan was experiencing difficulties when faced with a couple who were having difficulty making a decision on a veranda. The amount of the estimate represented a significant investment for them and they could hardly imagine how such a project would look with only conventional plans. The augmented reality used by Mr. Keyrmosan in a last meeting impressed them and allowed them to project themselves totally. They signed.

18% 3X
More turnover.
More additional leads generated

The application has helped me several times to reassure my customers when making their purchase decision. Augmented reality helped them to be able to project themselves in their future veranda and see the rendering of the colors and materials they had chosen.

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Philippe Keyrmosan Carpenter

Your products at your fingertips for
a visualization out of the ordinary

Modernize your catalog with Augmented Reality
Stand out and impress from the 1st appointment


Access ready-to-use 3D libraries


Import your own 3D models


Resize, configure, your products online


Capture and share projects with your Clients


Personalize your personal spaces


100% mobile, even without a connection

Impress your customers and boost your sales?

Test the URBASEE application for FREE for 14 days and measure your results! Our team will train you for free.

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Augmented reality in customer appointments

Discover through our practical and concrete guide how to take advantage of the integration of Augmented Reality in your customer meetings.

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