The solution of

augmented reality

A real-time immersion

Thanks to the Urbasee app, simply visualize your 3D models in augmented reality through your tablet or smartphone. Your project instantly appears in front of you at real size. Your clients can easily project into their new environment.


Benefiting from several years of R & D, Urbasee is designed to offer optimal performance in terms of rendering, smoothness and security, whether on a tablet or smartphone. The application is continuously improved to better meet the needs of its users and to adapt to the latest technologies.

ARKit Urbasee
ARCore Urbasee

ARKit and ARCore are the largest augmented reality platforms in the world and allow developers to design the most innovative apps.


Urbasee offers a range of tools designed for both intuitive use and professional rendering: scaling, compass, screen capture, model transparency, color change, creepage distance, project sharing with its customers, management of animated 3D models ...

Offline mode allows you to access all the features of your application on the go, wherever you are. You are thus fully autonomous and can share your projects with your integrated client base.


Share your project in virtual reality and augmented reality with your clients. They can visualize it from home or wherever they are and as many times as they want. Provide access to project tracking documents: minutes of meetings, plans, photos, administrative documents, etc.

Urbasee réalité augmenté application