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  • Augmented reality visualization
  • Virtual Reality Visualization
  • Customizing templates
  • Screen capture and photo sharing
  • Learner follow-up
  • Resizing
  • View management
  • Access to the product sheet
  • Transparency
  • Compass

Free for 14 days.

Our demonstration sessions take place remotely

Equip your Sales Representatives and your Network

B2B Application

B2C application

Increase your turnover

URBASEE commercial users saw their sales conversion increase by 18% on average after 3 months of use.

*average declarative average observed by customers in 2020

Reduce your Appointments

Conclude your business by optimizing appointments. By sharing your customers' projects remotely, accelerate the decision making and sales process.

Modernize your catalogue

Digitalise your catalogues. Impress your customers with an innovative 3D immersion of their project thanks to augmented reality.

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You are accompanied from A to Z

Apprehending and integrating new technology into the sales process is a challenge for the professional, and it can take time to get used to it.

This is why our team will accompany you through a FREE training process that allows you to discover all the functionalities of this new way of working in a personalized way.

This training lasts 20 to 30 minutes and is often conducted virtually with the client, via a videoconferencing tool (Lifesize, Zoom).