When augmented reality revolutionizes the world of interior design

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Interior design embraces Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is now part of the current technological landscape. Although it is most often associated with the video game or entertainment fields, other types of sectors have already taken advantage of the advances and possibilities it offers. One of them is interior design.


New technical possibilities

Thanks to the increased accessibility of this technology and the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets,augmented reality applications are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives (please see our article on ARKit). It has become possible to design interior projects by directly visualising the 3D model at real scale, as in our Urbasee application. This natural extension brings to the whole public many opportunities of experiences, and answers to a customer demand but also to the needs of professionals of the design and interior architecture.

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Benefits for architecture and interior design professionals

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With Augmented Reality devices and applications, professionals have the opportunity to present their interior designs - such as furniture or decorative elements - directly to their customers and to communicate clearly about the construction of current projects. The tool also offers the concrete possibility to add value to their work, and to present their projects directly at scale 1 while saving them time in the decision cycle. These are also attractive points for the client. Interior design is therefore reinventing itself as new technologies come into play. Looking to the future, especially the emerging technologies of augmented reality, interior designers are finding new ways to attract customers and get ahead of the competition.

An evolution for the general public

Who has never dreamed of being able to visit their property, imagine the possible layouts and decoration, all in a simple and fun way? Augmented reality now makes it possible to reduce the customer's questions and doubts during construction on the one hand, but also to allow them to go further by trying out the furniture in their home before buying it from their smartphone or tablet. In addition, beyond offering the possibility to visualise projects precisely and quickly, augmented reality can save money by reducing their costs. Seeing how a room fits into a space before purchasing makes finding furniture quick and easy. Clients are now aware of the possibilities of augmented reality, and are looking for practical and concrete solutions like URBASEE to bring their architectural and interior design projects to life.