Augmented reality for small businesses too!

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Futuristic? Blurred? Weird? These words may come to mind when we talk about virtual reality and augmented reality. However, these two very distinct technologies are currently in full expansion.

We often hear about the implementation of new technologies within large groups or multinationals. But we rarely hear about the importance of these realities in the daily life of small and medium-sized companies.

For whom?

Whether you are a carpenter, an artist or even a swimming pool operator, you should know that your business may well need this type of technology. Although all businesses and sectors have different challenges in welcoming AR and VR into their midst, it would be a shame to ignore them and not consider this option. These two technologies are becoming more and more widespread. They are becoming more and more popular and could well help your company stand out from the competition. So think about it!

Today, science fiction is no longer the domain of choice for (virtual and augmented) reality. Numerous sectors such as Tourism, Real Estate, Video Games, Automotive, or Industry, have taken the plunge.

How does it work?

You are probably wondering what can be done with these innovations.

Thanks to Virtual Reality, one can visit a place at a distance (holiday home or future construction).
Augmented Reality allows you to see all the properties of an object and to interact with it (simulate the layout of a piece of furniture) using a smartphone or tablet.

As a concrete example, let's take the field of construction. Virtual Reality can be used to educate workers on best safety practices or to facilitate site meetings, for example. From improving site safety to enhancing the customer buying experience, this digital revolution can be your best ally.

augmented reality - visual

Hardly a week goes by without a brand launching an Augmented Reality application on the stores. Whether B2B or B2C, many mobile and tablet applications now incorporate Augmented Reality and are very interesting for small structures.

URBASEE at the service of SMEs and VSEs

Featured image Press Urbasse API 1 URBASEE
Furnished conservatory inside URBASEE

URBASEE is a B2B application designed for many sectors of activity.
Whether you are in the carpentry, interior design, industry, construction, decoration or even landscaping sectors, a sales support tool may be of interest to you. Integrating augmented reality to project and reassure your customers will at some point become a necessity in your sales process. Especially when the leaders or large groups (Profils Système, Sepalumic, Dampère, Monsieur Store, Coublanc, etc. ) are already using them.

URBASEE is a digital catalogue available on your smartphones or tablets. It allows you to view your products in 3D and in augmented reality in real time. This tool helps to boost your sales thanks to the " sales support tool"It also generates qualified leads by displaying your products directly on the app (which can be downloaded for free by customers). The projection of your products in augmented reality and in real size directly at your customers' homes allows you to reassure them and confirm their choice.

For you, the advantage is real! You modernise your tools, which will give you greater agility. You accelerate your sales cycles and boost your brand image. Artwork, pergolas, stoves, heat pumps, gates; expect your customers to want to see their project in the most realistic way.

It is necessary to take into consideration that the implementation of new technologies within a company implies changes, both on the behavioural and technical levels (need for investment). However, it is important to bear in mind that these new tools, however futuristic they may seem to you, are becoming more democratic and are evolving to meet the needs of today's professional world.

The offer is such that these solutions are now aimed at both large companies and small organisations.